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Mini Prisms

Basic Mini Prism & Pole ADS101-2

Basic Mini Prism & Pole ADS101-2 Leica GMP111-0 Style . Model No.: ADS101-2 1 Mini Prism: Ø25.4mm;Accuracy:≤8" 2 Plastic (ABS)Prism Holder; Offset: 0mm 3 Prism Pole(Al.): 1.2m, 750px×4sections;1/4" Adaptor 4 Circular Bubble:Accuracy:8'/2mm 5 Soft Bag for Prism 6 Carrying Bag...

Basic Mini Prism & Pole ADS101-2

Leica GMP111-0 Style.

Model No.: ADS101-2
1     Mini Prism: Ø25.4mm;Accuracy:≤8"

2     Plastic (ABS)Prism Holder; Offset: 0mm

3     Prism Pole(Al.): 1.2m, 750px×4sections;1/4" Adaptor

4     Circular Bubble:Accuracy:8'/2mm

5     Soft Bag for Prism

6     Carrying Bag for the whole set

7     N.W.:662g (the whole set)

8     Qty: 20 sets/Carton; G.W.: 13kg/Carton;

       Carton Size: 0.038cbm(1050px×600px×950px)


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