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Prism With Target

Circular Prism With Holder AK111

Circular Prism With Holder AK111

Circular Prism with Holder AK111 Features: Leica GPR111 Style Model No.: AK111 Effective diameter: 65mm. Offset: 0mm. Copper Coated Prism. Circular prism, sealed in red PC holder. Large integrated target plate provides good visibility. Packing: Soft Bag. Used with Leica. Without Leica logo

Circular Prism with Holder AK111


Leica GPR111 Style

Model No.: AK111

Effective diameter: 65mm.

Offset: 0mm.

Copper Coated Prism.

Circular prism, sealed in red PC holder.

Large integrated target plate provides good visibility.

Packing: Soft Bag.

Used with Leica.

Without Leica logo


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