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2.15m Telescopic Pole

2.15m Telescopic Pole Reflector Poles/ Leica GLS11 2.15m Telescopic Detail Pole Reflector pole with quick release clamp for easy and rapid height adjustment. Graduated in cm and ft, min. length 1.30m, extendible to 2.15m. Aluminium cannulation thickness: 1.5mm. Aluminium cannulation diameter:...

2.15m Telescopic Pole 

Reflector Poles/ Leica GLS11 2.15m Telescopic Detail Pole

Reflector pole with quick release clamp for easy and rapid height adjustment. 

Graduated in cm and ft, min. length 1.30m, extendible to 2.15m. 

Aluminium cannulation thickness: 1.5mm.

Aluminium cannulation diameter: 25mm.


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